Prickly Pear Picking Tour & Cooking Class

A unique food experince, in Sicily.

Sense Sicily, an exclusive way to feel Sicilia

Immerse your soul in the traditions of the Sicilian countryside.

The local conditions and the climate in almost every part of the island fosters the growth of this amazing type of fruit. Prickly pears are generically known in Italy as ‘fichi d’India’ – Indian figs (even if they do not come from India nor have any relation to figs). Your guide (which is also your private chef) will drive you to Piano san Paolo, close to Caltagirone where you will take a private tour with local farmers whose lives are devoted to taking daily care of those plants. You will learn how to properly pick them, clean them (cutting back the peel, you’ll be surprised by the color of the prickly pear fruit, which can be deep yellow, pure white, or a stunning crimson). Later you will prepare a menu with at least 2 dishes made of your fichi d’India!

This tour is perfect to get to learn about Sicilian culture in a very unconventional way carefully selected by Sense Sicily!




  • Duration = half day
  • Languages = Italian, English, Japanese
  • Location = around Caltagirone – Serrafornazzo
  • Includes = Guests will be provided with boots to go in field.
  • 1 pax min – 6 pax max

For detailed information and booking please call +39 3398899198 or email