SenseSicily, your luxury concierge service specialized in the island of Sicily, was created with the purpose to show and make our guests live the best of Sicily.  We curate the most sophisticated experiences according to your needs while providing all the outstanding services that this enchanting island can offer.

SenseSicily journeys are designed around the demands and desires of our travelers, being them individuals coming for the first time, couples returning for the tenth time, or high-profile companies looking for a corporate retreat.  Our tailored recommendations are exclusively created around the needs of your trip .

What makes SenseSicily unique is the personal relationships with our local contacts and the connections in the specific territory that cannot be found elsewhere.

SenseSicily provides a unique opportunity to discover a complex and fascinating land like Sicily, thanks to the dedication and professional knowledge of our team, which has more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

“You’ll immerse yourself in a sensory experience in the deepest dimensions of this enchanting island placed in the heart of the Mediterranean. Travel through a land of multilayered historical narratives; a land rich in cultures each leaving their own mark. Venture along the coast enjoying the different shades of blue of its pristine seas, the plethora of fruits from a wild land so rich in history that has inspired thinkers, designers and travelers to captivate its beauty in their works, as well as you will in your memories.
SenseSicily is elegance and discovery.  It is an exclusive journey into the essence of a land that gives you wellness, comfort and ensures you the most exclusive entertainment. SenseSicily is the ultimate luxury travel experience designed to enrich your noble soul.”

Alessandra Fazio CEO & Founder SENSE SICILY


SenseSicily is the brainchild of Alessandra Fazio, a DOC Sicilian, but experienced globetrotter. She fostered her infinite passion for cultures and travel at a very young age when she decided to go study and work abroad, where she lived for more than 10 years.


Alessandra attended the University of Houston where she obtained a degree in Translation and International Literature. After graduating, she worked for Trips2Italy as a tour operator. After residing in Houston for 6 years, she expanded her horizons and moved to New York to work for the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

In 2011 she returned to Europe to study in Barcelona where she gets a Master’s Degree in Translation. In Spain she also worked for the social network Facebook in the marketing department. In 2014 Alessandra lived in Ecuador and created an educational project to teach foreign languages at Universidad Técnica de Manabí.
Being a demanding traveler herself, Alessandra developed a full understanding of what are the needs and expectations of those who love to travel exclusively. Aware of the potentiality of her island, she decided to to put her ten years of experience in the luxury tourism and created her own company in Sicily.
She currently supervises and manages it personally and she is extremely committed in promoting the best of her amazing island.

“My island is magical and I love sharing it with my guests as if they were my friends. I take them by the hand to feel Sicily thorough their senses.”

alessandra fazio
Alessandra FazioCEO & Founder