Pistachio life & Sicilian Carts

A unique food experince, in Sicily.

Sense Sicily, an exclusive way to feel Sicilia

Immerse your soul in the traditions of the Sicilian countryside.

You will visit the area of Bronte, close to Catania, where around 1000 farmers produce more than the 80% of the pistachio in the island. This fruit is also known as green gold, due to its amazing characteristics.

The harvest is due every other year and many delicious products are created out of this fruit (like pistachio pesto).

Your guide (which is also your private chef) will drive you to MonteBarca, teach you a lots of secrets about this unique plant, walk you around breathtaking landscapes and then take you to a special lunch at a local restaurant where every single dish is made out of pistachio.

After lunch, your Sicilian experience will get even more exciting.

You will go visit a museum of Carretti Siciliani (the very famous Sicilian Carts) and get to know one of the only living Sicilian wood carver of this pieces of art in Sicily. The carts were introduced to the island by the Greeks but they reached the height of their popularity in the 1920s, when many thousand were on the island. Miniature carts, or Carrettini Siciliani, are often sold in Sicily.


This tour is perfect to get to learn about Sicilian culture in a very unconventional way carefully selected by Sense Sicily!




  • Duration = full day
  • Languages = Italian, English, Japanese
  • Location = around Bronte – Catania
  • Includes = Lunch
  • 1 pax min – 6 pax max

For detailed information and booking please call +39 3398899198 or email ea.fazio@sensesicily.com