Caltagirone Ceramics & Honey Experience

A unique cultural experince, in Sicily.

Sense Sicily, an exclusive way to feel Sicilia

Immerse your soul in the Sicilian traditions.



You will start the day by visiting the fascinating city of Caltagirone (City of ceramics and UNESCO heritage) escorted by Angelo, your private chef and local partner.

The reason for calling Caltagirone the city of ceramics lays behind the inexhaustible deposits of clay occurring in the area. The ease with which this raw material can be extracted has underpinned the success of the terracotta potteries, in manufacturing tableware especially, for distribution throughout the region. Local shapes gave way to Greek influences (as trade increased). This soon became one of the town’s main activities. The production improved becoming more efficient and more precise and the wheel was introduced (by the Cretans in about 1000 BC). The critical turning point, however, was the arrival of the Arabians in the 9th century, for, with them, practices were changed irrevocably. They introduced Eastern designs and also glazing techniques that rendered objects impermeable to water. The art became more sophisticated as exquisite geometric patterning and stylized decoration were modelled on plants and animals. Blue, green and yellow were the predominant colors. The Arabian contribution to the city culture is honored in the name of the town, that according to the most intriguing hypothesis, might be derived from the Moorish for “castle” or “fortress of vases”.

You will tour around and discover the characteristic alleys of the city (known as carruggi), the famous stairway made of 142 steps, Piazza Coperta, and the Arabic quarter. You will then go learn about ‘Ceramica di Caltagirone’ in on of the most antique ceramic lab where, guided by the handcrafter, you will learn to work clay and create your own masterpiece.

After lunch, you will go taste some local honey and see how it is produced.

During Christmas time, you could also take a tour of the very well known Nativities all around the city and possibily attend a special concert in a local church.


  • Languages = Italian, English, Japanese
  • Location = around Caltagirone

Tours are subject to changes due to weather conditions and time of the year.


For detailed information and booking please call +39 3398899198 or email